Shoot the Terrrorist before the finish line.

it’s real. Of course, it’s a game, so there’s not really a bomb, and no one’s really been poisoned, but a real escape room is a real life experience. Think of it like being locked on a movie set.

Having said that, escape rooms were based on computer games, so there is some similarity.

It depends on the story if the door really is locked, or if you are trapped for a different reason, but no one will be kept in the room against their will. If the door is locked there will be a key hanging next to it in case of emergencies.

Our rooms also include windows, which seems to help those who are just a touch claustrophobic. In two years of operation we did not have any persons ask to leave the room because of this condition. However, if you are actively seeking treatment for claustrophobia, this may not be an event you will enjoy.