Executioner jokesters have assumed control over the city boulevards and demise is wandering surrounding you, your intend to end up the Clown Killer. You are a cop caught among executioner jokesters who are assaulting from all headings. The main alternative left to survive is to kill the greatest number of executioner jokesters as you can by utilizing your firearm before the time terminates. Exactness tallies to your score so attempt to be exact and watchful. Utilize your bolt keys for development and press space block to murder off the comedians.

There is an incredible number of underhandedness jokesters strolling around the city and debilitating the humankind. They have weapons and they need to murder individuals. You are chosen for this mission; you should execute them all! Utilize An and S key to shoot and bolt keys to move! Good fortunes!

Killer Clown Simulator 2017 Features:
•Easy, Smooth and addictive game play
•Multiple action packed missions
•Multiple Clown costumes to choose from
•Fun and terrifying clown animations
•Fantasy 3D city area to explore
•Vibrant & addictive gameplay with thrilling challenges
•Realistic sounds & visual effects

Stop Clowning Around & Start Playing!!