Certainly one of the most popular types of Flash games we see today are of the point-and-click or escape-the-room variety, both of which fall within the first-person adventure-puzzle genre. Their popularity can be traced back to when Myst first arrived on CD-ROM in 1993, which itself contained puzzles similar to those often found in today’s Flash games. The most appealing features of these games are the puzzles they contain, which is why I am excited about this next one.

Like eating the middle of an Oreo first, ClickDragType skips past the plain cookie outside to deliver only the sweet puzzle center in a collection of 10 intriguing, mind-bending puzzles for your pure and uncompromising enjoyment.

Each puzzle is entirely independent of the others and none of them provide any instruction as for what to do. Just as in an adventure-puzzle game, the journey is the reward and figuring out what to do is part of the gratification one receives from playing, but often only half the battle.

As the name implies, you will need to click the mouse, drag the mouse, and type on the keyboard to solve the puzzles contained within. Study each puzzle carefully and observe the behavior of each of its elements as you interact with them. Persevere and you will prevail.

Analysis: All too often games rely on the same or similar designs for puzzles that don’t stray far from familiar territory. Not so with this collection. One of the most refreshing and enjoyable aspects of ClickDragType is that each puzzle is entirely different in concept and design than any other in the collection and from most others that I’ve seen. Moreover, every puzzle interface is solid and without any noticeable glitches that these types of games are prone to.

The only downside I found to the game is the short and poorly spliced main menu music loop, which, thankfully, may be silenced easily with the music mute button. (Andrew—if you send me the sound clip you’re using I’ll fix it so the looping is seamless for you 🙂