About Bunch Cool puzzle game, very addictive! It is collection of the best puzzles in the store: Tangram, Pipes, Unblock and 4 more all in one game. It is the definitive stop for puzzle lovers, with more than 2,400 levels to relax, unwind and sharpen your logic skills. Better than any brain training and the […]


Ski down the snowy-slopes of Aspen. Mind out for that tree!Move your mouse cursor to the right or the left to navigate your skier through the treacherous terrain. Aspen Ski Game Instructions Move your mouse cursor to The right or left to navigate your skier through treacherous terrain. The farther you move your mouse, the […]

Grand Prix

Fantastic Prix motor dashing has its underlying foundations in sorted out vehicle hustling that started in France as far back. It immediately developed from a straightforward street race starting with one town then onto the next, to continuance tests for auto and driver.

Sk8 Park

Time to get skating in this half-pipe! To do stunts you first need to increase some speed. So as to do that you have to continue holding down the space bar. Do insane traps and appreciate! Controls: Use your arrow keys to move the skater around and to perform tricks. Keep the space bar down to […]

Pedestrian Killer

When you are picking up driving, you are instructed not to execute or even hurt anybody out and about. Perhaps you have comply with this the greater part of your driving days. Presently there is something new for you. Person on foot Killer is an ability amusement in which your point is to crash passers-by […]

Clown Killer

Executioner jokesters have assumed control over the city boulevards and demise is wandering surrounding you, your intend to end up the Clown Killer. You are a cop caught among executioner jokesters who are assaulting from all headings. The main alternative left to survive is to kill the greatest number of executioner jokesters as you can […]

Mad Shark

According to the recreations with the sharks are concern, Mad Shark is a standout amongst the most prevalent diversions. The narrative of the diversion is very intriguing. In this amusement, the player needs to play as a shark and needs to spare it from the hands of the researchers. All things considered, the researchers are […]

Lord of the Ring

Likewise with the best Star Wars or Star Trek amusements on PC, the best Lord of the Rings diversions extend over a cluster of various classifications. Among the accompanying passages, you’ll discover a RTS, a MMORPG, a content experience and a few better than average open-world undertakings, among others, in light of both the books […]